“Para sport” is a term used to describe sport that is primarily aimed at persons with a disability, and comes from the idea that it is “para”llel to sport for able bodied athletes, something with adapted equipment or rules to make the game fun and accessible for everyone.

Parasport NL was developed to help guide and support persons with physical disabilities to find and participate in opportunities of sporting activities in Newfoundland and Labrador, be it at a competitive or recreational level. By working with the provincial sport organizations, Parasport NL provides support and guidance to the organizations to develop or strengthen current programs within their organization.

Parasport NL can provide organizations with disability awareness, identifying potential athletes, methodology of adaption, principles of inclusion, and supporting grassroots development, coach/instructor training.

Sports that are currently available in Newfoundland and Labrador offering support for those with physical disabilities are:

Sport Contact
Para Alpine https://cads-nl.ca/
Nordic Skiing https://crosscountrynl.com/
Goalball nlvisra@outlook.com
Para Ice Hockey (Sledge Hockey) http://www.sport.ca/sleddogs/
Curling http://curlingnl.ca/
Shooting https://www.facebook.com/NLShootingAssociation
Equestrian http://www.rainbowridersnl.com/
Boccia http://www.eastersealsnl.ca/our-programs/
Wheelchair Basketball http://www.nlba.nf.ca/
Athletics parasportnl@gmail.com
Swimming https://swimmingnl.ca/
Para Cycling http://bicyclenl.com/

To learn more about Parasport opportunities, participation, coaching and funding, please contact Parasport NL at 709-753-3625 or parasportnl@gmail.com

Additional Resources: Canadian Paralympic Committee http://games.paralympic.ca/